Geeta Aiyer

Geeta Aiyer has had a long career in sustainable investing. She is President and Founder of Boston Common Asset Management. Geeta has founded two previous companies, Walden Capital Management and East India Spice, and is Board Chair and Co-founder of Direct Action for Women Now (DAWN) Worldwide.

Amritha Kasturirangan

Amritha Kasturirangan works in the investment management field. She is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and the Wharton School. She has always been interested in improving conditions for women in developing countries and has financially supported the education of girls in the Philippines and India.

Vanita Shastri, Ph.D.

Vanita Shastri, Ph.D. is an academician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is currently Dean of Undergraduate Programs at Ashoka University, a new initiative that is building a liberal arts program in India. Vanita has taught business and entrepreneurship at Boston area colleges including Boston University’s School of Management, Wellesley College, and University of Mass at Dartmouth.