Finance through a Gender Framework

DAWN Worldwide works with the finance ecosystem to create comprehensive approaches to Gender Based Violence that address inequities on the basis of gender. Our partners design frameworks, roadmaps, and tools to enable investors and financiers to not only prioritize Gender Based Violence in their deployment of capital and influence to create solutions from a gender and human rights perspective, but also identify gaps that prevent them from doing so.

DAWN supports organizations and think tanks to help develop frameworks and tools for analysis that translate for people in finance the depth of knowledge about gender-based violence. Projects supported by DAWN will promote strategies that incorporate finance as a tool and build on the research and programs in these institutional partners

DAWN urges financial institutions to increase and improve their efforts to prevent GBV, addressing the harsh intersectionalities that impede progress towards gender equity within the ESG framework.


1. A Roadmap for Public Equities on Financing the Reduction of Gender-based violence

Criterion Institute

DAWN Worldwide supports Criterion Institute’s Convergence convenings
with a target audience of 100 participants from 17 countries.


The project -A Roadmap for Public Equities on Financing the Reduction of Gender-based violence – is to radically expand the number and kinds of people and institutions who see themselves as having the power to engage in conversations about finance.

Key outcomes from  this project include:

  • High level Roadmap on Financing the Reduction of Gender-based violence,
  • Two virtual design sessions  bringing together stakeholders including investment analysts and asset managers, to inform the roadmap,
  • One newsletter published announcing the release of the Roadmap and relevant calls to action  with  Social media posts published,
  • Convergence XVIII Month of Action -At least one session hosted on the Roadmap to Public Equities, bringing together a global audience of gender-based violence experts, investment analysts, asset managers, and other stakeholders,
  • A series of workshops on finance for gender-based violence experts, including service providers, policymakers, grassroots and advocacy organizations and academics

Experts participating in Convergence are also sharing their knowledge of best practices, unintended consequences and what works to ensure that Criterion’s programming is effective and informed by actual needs.

2. Building a community of investors to respond to Gender Based Violence

DAWN Worldwide supports Preventable Surprises which  proposes to engage its network of institutional investors so as to
enable investors take Gender Based Violence more consistently into account and encourage more proactive engagement.


Key Outcomes of this project includes:

  • Engaging  investors and research providers on what it would take for GBV to take its place within standard ESG analysis, screening and engagement, and what success looks like
  • Building a community of interest among investors and stakeholders, including fostering ways to engage men in these often female or non-binary driven conversations.
  • Providing educational opportunities about issues and highlighting campaigns that work
  • Identifying  immediate and new campaign ideas, taking  a sector approach and on public policy.

Preventable Surprises has made an impact by:-

  • Conducting 10 expert and investor interviews to build the foundations of the community.
  • Conducting a survey with a focus on conditions of success in general and how to involve men in addressing GBV, to be sent to  500 ESG professionals and stakeholder
  • Organizing 2 online roundtables to educate about successful campaigns.
  • Sharing Blog posts with findings (distributed in the newsletter to outreach 500+ ESG professionals, media and stakeholders.)