Geeta Aiyer

“We want to see a world where gender-based violence does not happen – not in public where it may appear to be a model; not in private where it perpetuates discrimination against women; and finally, not in the hearts and minds of any member of civil society.”

— Geeta Aiyer, Co-Founder, DAWN Worldwide


DAWN Worldwide’s mission is to end gender-based violence and advance gender equity, through education and collaboration.


We believe ending gender-based violence will require systems change at the deepest level. Our strategies include engaging local leaders and communities- both men and women in marginalized communities, supporting gender sensitization programs, engaging with men and boys for a shift in attitudes towards gender norms, and using the power of finance to address Gender-Based Violence. We believe in the power of Upstander advocacy as a form of proactive solidarity and a proven method for standing up to injustices to create positive, meaningful, and sustainable change.