Engaging Men & Boys



DAWN Worldwide has supported  Engaging Men and Boys initiatives since 2015. DAWN Worldwide encourages initiatives for bystander engagement to cultivate a stronger, more unified community fighting for gender equality and a society free of gender-based violence.

DAWN WW believes women, men, girls and boys joining together is the only way to disrupt the social norms that allow gender inequality and violence to exist. As part of a strategic plan to collaborate with grassroot organizations like MAVA allows a space for men and boys to engage, and be involved.

Key Outcomes of this project include:

  • Harmful constructions of masculinity associated with power and control that drive inequality and violence against women can be changed.
  • Healthy gender relationships in boys at an early age can be encouraged.
  • Deep rooted causes and the social, economic and  public health impact of gender-based violence can be understood so societies recognize that violence is not simply a women’s issue
  • Traditional notions of masculinity are challenged by engaging with men and boys to help them develop techniques to cope with and better manage social pressures.
  • Culture of response in homes, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods when violence does occur can be promoted.
  • Tools are given to men so they can raise sons who have positive, non-violent communications and behaviors in their relationships with women.

Activities undertaken by Men Against Violence and Abuse- MAVA

  • Capacity-building & leadership camps for student leaders
  • Periodic gender-sensitization workshops with 40-100 person student groups
  • Community outreach programs through street-theatre, rallies, campaigns on contemporary gender themes, and inter-collegiate cultural competitions
  • Film festival on gender, masculinity and relationships
  • Workshops on sexuality education and appropriate usage of social media for students

Shadhika-DAWN Worldwide’s Initiative to End Gender-based Violence

Shadhika has launched a multi-year initiative in three rural villages outside of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh that is working with boys, men, and “gatekeepers” such as elected officials, religious leaders, and police, to build awareness and understanding to mobilize action to prevent gender-based violence, specifically sexual harassment and domestic violence.

Key Outcomes of this project includes:

  • DAWN Worldwide supported COVID relief including 6 Health camps and a Help line
  • Distribution of rations to impacted marginalised populations
  • Women leaders  identified that were enabled  to play a visible role in conversation and activities for COVID relief in community events
  • Basic and Advanced curriculum development was on GBV and human rights training for different age groups of boys and men model to influence a positive change in behaviors,
  • Revision of curriculum with local partnerships possible for young men and boys to deepen knowledge of GBV and become model influencers.
  • 1 new village apart from the 3 existing target villages adopted to influence change with minority and dalit populations.
  • Community based activities such as 16 days of Activism and Responsible Fatherhood Campaign.