DAWN ‘s mission is to end gender-based violence and advance gender equality through education and collaboration.

Our Approach

We believe local leaders are the best conduits for change. We work in collaboration with local leaders to help expand their impact by providing global expertise that can be adapted by individual communities.

We believe ending gender-based violence will require social change at the deepest level. It will require focusing on both Response – providing uplifting, holistic care focused on empowering the survivor when violence does occur – and Prevention – influencing the commonly-held beliefs and attitudes that often are used to condone gender-based violence and justify inequality.

We believe women and men joining together is the only way to disrupt the harmful social norms that drive gender violence and gender inequality. We partner with organizations who are pioneers in the movement to actively engage men and boys to break the cycle of violence.

We believe in the resilience and dignity of survivors. Through collaborative workshops with local organizations, we support survivors of violence by providing training, resources and facilitating the sharing of strategies between counselors and healthcare professionals from different areas of expertise and communities

“We want to see a world where gender-based violence does not happen – not in public where it may appear to be a model; not in private where it perpetuates discrimination against women; and finally, not in the hearts and minds of any member of civil society.” — Geeta Aiyer, Co-Founder