Meg Bossong

HEAL for Survivors Team

Meg is the Director of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response at Williams College. Prior to returning to Williams, she worked for over 6 years for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC), most recently in the role of Manager of Community Engagement. With BARCC, she managed the education and outreach work of Massachusetts’ oldest and largest rape crisis center, serving 26 cities and towns and 1.3 million people in the Greater Boston area. Her work has included collaboration with a variety of community partners in education, health care, faith communities, law enforcement, and municipal government to coordinate sexual violence prevention and intervention initiatives.

As a consultant, Meg worked with colleges and universities to design sexual violence response and prevention policies and programming initiatives and to train campus stakeholders on issues related to sexual violence. Meg is an advisory board member for the non-profit Title IX Girls Running Club, a social-emotional wellness program in the form of a running club for girls ages 9-15. She holds a B.A. in political science with an independent concentration in comparative social change and an M.S. in Law and Public Policy from Northeastern University with a focus in interdisciplinary approaches to violence prevention.