DAWN Worldwide supports 2022 SamaBhav Film Festival

SamaBhav has been creating waves in the cities where the film festival is launched. Since 1993, Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA) has pioneered efforts in India to engage young boys and men to address issues of gender discrimination by interrogating the existing dominant attitudes of masculinity.
As part of the efforts to create discussion and dialogue, SamaBhav was developed as a unique Film Festival, in 2017-2018 with  specially curated films including regional, national, and international shorts, features, and documentaries covering a range of gender and sexuality themes:  such as  Gender-based discrimination & violence against women, Challenging Misogyny, toxic Masculinity & Patriarchy, LGBTQIA issues, homophobia & transphobia,  Intersectionality, and Gender binaries to name a few.
The Film festival is held over 2 days at each venue, it commenced in February 2022, and traveled to 12 cities and 4 districts across India, as well as 2 South Asian other cities till June 2022. The catalog below highlights the scenes depicted at the festival.