“RAISING MEN,” DAWN’S New Film Is Out Now!

DAWN recently released “Raising Men,” a film that highlights our partner MAVA’s work to combat sexism in Mumbai. MAVA, Men Against Violence and Abuse, was the first Indian organization created to stop misogyny through the education of young men.
In this film we meet Ved and Tanaji: two adolescent males involved with MAVA who live in Mumbai. We learn about their lives and we meet their families, neighbors, and employers. It is clear that these young men are so excited to share their stories of growth with the audience; we watch them learn about the societal constructs that dictate negative gender norms and we see them struggle to ensure that cycles of violence against women do not continue in their own homes.
Along the way we also meet Harish, the founder of MAVA, and some of the organizations other leaders and participants. Ved and Tanaji talk about their close connections to these trailblazers as we watch them become community leaders in their own right. Ved recruits other boys to come to Project UMANG sessions and Tanaji leads a group at a demonstration rallying against gender-based violence.
Since most of the people in the documentary don’t speak English, be prepared to read subtitles throughout the 37 minute documentary. That being said, the content is so interesting that you won’t even notice the minutes fly by.
You can watch the film by clicking here.
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